Jen ran a week long camp at Clarksville Academy this summer.  I have attended and observed many camps and travel practices throughout the years, but hands down, this was my favorite.   It is easy to tell that Jen has a true love for volleyball, and has a deep knowledge of how to improve the skills of the girls.  We have many different levels of skill on our team.  But she handled working with diverse skills it with ease, and everyone improved their knowledge and skill. Jen’s energy and love for the sport came through, all week long.  The girls loved learning from her.  -Lori Tooley Head Volleyball Coach Clarksville Academy

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Coach Jen started coaching my daughter when she was 13 years old during the middle of her 8th grade year, and she had never played volleyball before that point.  A few months later, my daughter was able to make her high school volleyball team, which was also coached by Jen at the time.  In one year’s time, my daughter went from a shy, timid girl to a competitive high school athlete.  Jen, along with her up to date training drills and conditioning, has always been encouraging and patient with my daughter which allowed her to grow as an athlete quickly in a positive atmosphere.  Recently my daughter finished up her sophomore year being the team captain of her junior varsity volleyball team less than two years from the first time she touched a ball.  I could not have asked for a better start to my daughter’s volleyball career, however far she takes it, thanks to her start with Coach Jen!

I also had the opportunity to assist Coach Jen with her youth training program for 3rd – 8th graders.  I was able to watch her unique way of coaching the important basic fundamentals of volleyball while keeping it fun and interesting which allows the kids to have fun and want to learn more!  Coach Jen works closely with each child while encouraging them and teaching the importance of practicing good techniques which will enable them to have an advantage from the start of becoming great volleyball players.  She has a great program and an endless love for the game and I would recommend anyone who wants a great volleyball experience to get in touch with her!

-Alisa Ushman

   JG Volleyball/Clarksville VBC

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In a matter of months, Jen transformed my 5th grader with some basic skills to a 6th grader, starting on the 7th-8th grade middle school team, playing the full rotation (not just in her previous position as a setter). Jen's patience, expertise, and passion for the sport of volleyball made my daughter want to excel and helped her in every aspect of the game.

-Christine Marshall

Since attending Coach Jens volleyball clinics, my daughter has stepped up her game tremendously. She has learned proper techniques and has applied those in her games making her very valuable on the court. Her confidence in the game has come from Coach Jen. She has made all the difference in the world teaching her and sharing the love of the game.

-Lori Worster

Coach Jen has conducted a mini camp with our high school team as well as worked with our setters. She does a great job and provides great drills and insight for coaches. Our team has benefited from her expertise and guidance.
-Jennifer Goins
Jo Byrns High School Volleyball  

Personally, Coach Jen worked with my daughter who was struggling with serving. Within a few minutes, Coach Jen corrected the problem and my daughter has had a strong serve ever since.
-Jennifer Goins